ST Thumbnails Explorer 1.5 as Adobe InDesign CS2 - CS6 - CC2018 (INDD and INDT) Viewer

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The screenshot below shows the thumbnail view for sample of INDD file located on remote WebDav drive (\\\DavWWWRoot):
ST Thumbnails Explorer 1.5. Viewer for Adobe InDesign CS2 - CS6 - CC2018 (INDD and INDT) files.

The size of preview image is 600 x 600 px, the size of displayed thumbnails is 239 x 239 (the size of extracted thumbnails is 600 x 600 too, therefore the size of displayed thumbnails can be increased till size of the preview image instantly - even without reopen the INDD file).
Both images are received from embedded INDD thumbnail with size of 1024 x 1024 px.

The INDD sample file has 83 pages. In this case, the program displays all 83 file pages in the Thumbnails Window. To provide this, the following should be done:

In ST Thumbnails Explorer:

• Select "Display All File Pages" page mode on the toolbar:
ST Thumbnails Explorer 1.5: Display All File Pages mode
In Adobe InDesign:

• Click in InDesign main menu Edit then select Preferences.
• In the Preferences window click the File Handling, then set the options in the red rectangles according to the screenshot on the right:
   • "Always Save Preview Images with Documents" should be checked.
   • "Preview Size" should be set to "Extra Large 1024x1024" (also you can set "Large 512x512" that will reduce the thumbnails quality but will reduce the size of saved files too.
   • "Pages" should be set to "All Pages".
Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud 2014: File Handling Preferences.

Note: Currently the program is capable to display thumbnails with the size up to 600 x 600 px (by the way, to copy such thumbnail to the Clipboard, select it in the Thumbnails Window, then enter Ctrl+1). If INDD thumbnails of large size are required (for example, for the DAM systems), please do the following:
  • Save files with the option "Extra Large 1024x1024" (see above).
  • Use thumbnails export (Thumbnails | Export Thumbnails in the main menu (batch export (including a command line mode) is available too), to extract of INDD/INDT thumbnails in the full size, and save them as separate files in JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNG or JPEG 2000 formats. The quality of the embedded thumbnails is enough that on them small text was readable:

ST Thumbnails Explorer 1.5: Display All File Pages mode

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