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2013 July, 22: Published ST Thumbnails Explorer 1.5 Beta 5 Build 3800. Thumbnails viewer, Cataloguer, Converter, File finder & File manager (30-days free estimate version). Buy v1.2.2500, and you may register v1.5 Beta 5 right now!
v1.5 Beta 5 description Download full-function free estimate version (v1.5 Beta 5; 4,807 kB) screenshot

Unique features:
.Magnificent thumbnails for many vector and other complex formats (Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, CorelDRAW, PhotoPaint, Corel Designer, WordPerfect, MS Office, MS Visio, Xara, Freehand, FlexiSIGN, and so on).
.HTML, MHT and URL thumbnails (including under Vista and Seven).
.Render Corel PhotoPaint CPT files without use any Corel software (all versions, including CPT v7+).
.Batch export for all provided formats (including batch export via command-line) to JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG 2000 and BMP).
.A file contents search for CDR v7-X6, CDT v7-X6, PAT v7-X6, DES v10-X5, CSL, CLK, URL, and MDI files. Also the app provides a file contents search for HTML, MS Ofice, MS Visio, any plain text files, and for some others. Besides, the search is provided for keywords, descriptions, names of used fonts, XMP, Exif, IPTC, color profiles metadata, and some vendor-specific metadata for many other file types.
.Multi-window plain text files view. Support UTF-8, UTF-16BE, UTF-32LE, UTF-32BE, etc.
.Batch OCR (optical character recognition) for MDI (MS Office Document Imaging) files.
.Multi-page and multi-animation views: view all file pages simultaneously, or show of tens animated GIFs in one window!
.Built-in Offline File System (My Images Space): after indexing, you may view/search/export all your DVDs without access to DVD-drive.
.Ferris Wheel mode (a smooth automatic scrolling).

Also the app provides:
.Support widespread image formats: BMP, TIFF, JPEG, EPS, PSD, PDF, etc.
.Support many CAD formats (DXF, DWG, PLT, HGL, HPGL, SPL, and some others; requires third-party plug-in).
.Support all installed 32-bit shell extensions to view unsupported formats.
.Files classification means: color labels, ratings, user keywords, tags and bookmarks. Instant displaying of the files lists, classified by one or several criteria with Quick Search.
.Background file processing for any part of the file system (up to 250 tasks simultaneously).
.Fast previews, full file info, database-based history, file filtering, favorites management, and so on.

2013 February, 5:
Published ST Thumbnails Explorer v1.2.2500.

Maintenance release: Adobe Illustrator and InDesign format filters has improved to full support of AI, AIT and INDD CS6 files, support of HDP and JXR files with Vista+ WDP Thumbnails Handler has been added, EPS filter has improved, and some bugs has been fixed.
Product description Download full-function free trial (v1.2.2500; 2,599 kB) $29.95 only! screenshot

2012 April, 3:
Published ST Thumbnails Explorer v1.2.2400.

Maintenance release: CorelDRAW X4+ formats filter have been improved to full support of CorelDRAW X6 files (CDR, CDT, PAT and CSL), Critical Failures Handler has been added, and some bugs have been fixed.

2011 July, 11:
Published ST Thumbnails Explorer v1.2.2360.

Maintenance release: some bugs have been fixed.

2011 May, 18:
Published ST Thumbnails Explorer v1.2.2350.

Maintenance release: some bugs have been fixed.

2011 February, 28:
Published ST Thumbnails Explorer v1.2.2340.

Maintenance release: some bugs have been fixed.

2010 August, 2:
Published ST Thumbnails Explorer v1.2.2330.

Maintenance release: Adobe InDesign CS5 INDD format support have been added, and a couple bugs have been fixed.

2010 May, 25:
Published ST Thumbnails Explorer v1.2.2320.

Maintenance release: CorelDRAW X5 CDR, CDT, PAT, and CSL v6 formats support have been added, and a couple minor bugs have been fixed.

2009 July, 9:
Published ST Thumbnails Explorer v1.2.2310.

Maintenance release: several bugs in multi-monitor configurations support, HTML and XMP parsers have been fixed.

2009 January, 21:
Published ST Thumbnails Explorer v1.2.2300.

The first fully Windows Vista compatible release.
New features:
.New HTML parser provides thumbnails generation and texts extract for URL shortcuts and HTML files, including on Vista.
.Support of Adobe Illustrator CS4 (AI, AIT), and Adobe InDesign CS4 (INDD) files.
.Support of Scanvec Amiable FlexiSIGN-PRO 6.6+ (FS) files.
.Support of Vista Shell Thumbnails Extract technology.

2008 May, 27:
Published ST Thumbnails Explorer v1.2.2260.

Maintenance release: several bugs in CorelDRAW X4 files filter have been fixed.

2008 May, 14:
Published ST Thumbnails Explorer v1.2.2250.

Maintenance release: several bugs have been fixed.

2008 February, 18:
Published ST Thumbnails Explorer v1.2.2240.

CorelDRAW X4 CDR, CDT, PAT, and CSL v5 formats support have been added.


ST Thumbnails Explorer 1.5 Beta 5
Download v1.5 Beta 5 (4,807 kB)
Download 30-days free trial version
ST Thumbnails Explorer 1.5. Instant viewer for CorelDRAW files (*.CDR, *.CMX,  *.CDT, *.CCX, *.CLK, *.DES, *.CDX, *.CPX and others).

STTX as instant CDR viewer.
If CorelDRAW 12+/Corel DESIGNER 12+/Corel WordPerfect 12+ are installed, the app can generate high-quality thumbnails for all file pages (with CorelDRAW 10-11 for first pages only).
Without Corel apps, STTX will extract embedded thumbnails only (all pages for CorelDRAW X4-X6 files, and first pages only for other CorelDRAW files).
Besides, the app can show file keywords, notes, names of used fonts, till 20 lines of a file contents, a cropped size of a first page. For X4+ files in addition, page size, used fonts (green - installed fonts, red - not instaled fonts), color spaces (if red the file has potential color separation issue), and so on.

ST Thumbnails Explorer 1.5. Instant viewer for Adobe Illustrator files (AI, AIT, EPS).

STTX as instant AI viewer.
Requires CorelDRAW 12+/DESIGNER 12+ and/or Ghostscript installation. (AIT preview is possible with CorelDRAW 12+/DESIGNER 12+ only, without these Corel apps STTX can preview AI files v7-9 and PDF compatible AI files v10+ only.
Without external engines the app will display embedded thumbnails only (including big thumbnails (the size up to 256x256x24) in CS2+ format).

ST Thumbnails Explorer 1.5. Instant viewer for Corel PhotoPaint CPT files.

STTX as instant CPT viewer.
The app can render CPT files of all versions without using any Corel software. Unfortunately, the app cannot display CPT v7+ files with PhotoPaint effects properly (usually any PhotoPaint effects are not used in CPT cliparts). However, STTX can use installed CorelDRAW 10+/Corel DESIGNER 12+/Corel WordPerfect 12+ to render CPT v7+ files with PhotoPaint effects properly.

ST Thumbnails Explorer 1.5. Instant viewer for HTM, HTML, SHTML, MHT, MHTML files and URL shortcuts (incl. Vista and Windows 7/8).

STTX as instant HTML&URL viewer.
Currently the app can display thumbnails for HTM, HTML, SHTML, MHT, MHTML files and URL shortcuts under Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Windows 7/8.
To visit a site, you may simply double-click on appropriate URL thumbnail. For offline html files, you may select the file thumbnail, and double-click on the string 'Linked to (DblClick to visit)' located at the top of the File Info window.


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